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Suckothai          Page 2

King Rama Kamhèng submitted hereditary sultans and Muslims in Malaysia to significant financial charges to be levied until the late eighteenth century.

This supervision engenda tensions with England and France during the colonization of southeast Asia. Thailand, who wished to avoid invasion by the Mongol hordes of Kublai Khan had conquered part of Burma , Vietnam and some southern islands of Indonesia, acquitted himself in turn an annual tribute to Emperor of China until it was abolished during the reign of Rama IV ( 1851-1868 ) .

Some rich merchants Indians and Arabs, whose families were established in the south of Thailand for centuries, acceded to important positions in trade, sometimes ministers. The royal tin Phuket Island and around mines represented to the main source of revenue of the kings of Siam to the end of the Sukhothai period .

It served to maintain a powerful army that ensured the survival of the kingdom and the dominion of the region over the next four centuries .

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