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Rama V          Page 2

Inspired by the ideas he brings back from these trips, it will innovate in many areas .

· He modernized and centralized administration.
· He organized postal services (1885),
· Railways (1893),
· Fonda 's first university .
· The banknotes were introduced in 1902.
· Slavery was abolished March 31, 1895 .

To carry out all these reforms and innovations , he surrounded himself with foreign experts and advisers from Western countries.

His brothers , Prince Damrong Rajanubhab (1862-1943) , Minister of Education and the Interior , or the prince Devawongse (1858-1923) , Minister of Foreign Affairs, will play at his side , an essential role in the modernization policy of the kingdom and of safeguarding the independence of Siam.

The king is surrounded by advisors from Denmark for the police and navy , Japan for sericulture , France and Belgium for justice , Italy for fine arts ... The General Counsel has been a long time the Belgian Rolin Jacquemyns and the following two Americans.

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